Honestly I love food and I spend most of my time in kitchen either making food or enjoy eating. My favourite simple dish is Pancake, I spend every Saturday morning making them. I have tried a lot to toss up while cooking but it didn’t work until now. Although working with spatula is not very difficult, I came up with another idea to make it much more easier. So I have decided to design two sided spatula which stick together and let me turn pancakes easily.

The idea developed based on pliers and spatula design. My new spatula is made from two different parts, It’s two spatula which has magnet inside the handles.The first step is to make pancake cream and place them on pan to fry, then place one of spatula under pancake and the another on top, and because of magnet inside they stick together and makes it much more easy to turn them around.

I made very simple prototype, and used it to make some pancake and take some photos. It was too much fun.