is a serious of lectures performing by Konstfack University College of Art, Crafts and Design with the focus How school can help children to realise their full creative potential.

Every morning school day I was sick, actually I was pretending to be. Why? Because I hated my school from day one. It was really boring, in every class I lost interest and attention to what teachers were teaching. Most of the time teachers would caught me reading stories or sketching discreetly, then of course they would expelled me from class and call my parents to control my behaviour.

My parents decided let me to study art to become an artist, they have decided instead of forcing me to be a doctor or engineer who hate her daily life, help me to find my roots the way I enjoyed it and so many things changed when I started to attend to art classes.

As a someone who hated school I want to change the way of classic education and the way it a effects creativity of millions of children and held back their creativity. When I started my research I find out that education system hasn’t change that much in past few hundred years. I believe that the fundamental principles of education should be redefine and redesign in all school in the world.

From my childhood I loved to read the books by René Goscinn. The first book I read from his stories was Le petit Nicolas. I loved this book and I lived most characters of the book. It was so creative and a story of why we as a kids do not enjoy of being in school. It is really interesting because this book was published in 1959 and I was born 1995, this means after 40 years of children being in school we still have same problem and same difficulties and nothing has changed that much.

For pointing out this problem clearly, I have studied so much and did lots of research, Ted Talks, etc. At the end I have decided to refer to the story I enjoyed reading it, and I think every person who read René’s book can relate with the story. So, I have decided to invite My self, René Goscinn, Jean-Jacques Sempé and Mr. Dubon (The super- intendant in Nicolas school) to tell our stories. Why I hated my school so much, How René was a top student and enjoyed school, Why Sempé expelled from school and what happened to his life later on, why Mr. Dubon as a symbol of all administrators in school think it’s necessary for kids to follow the rules.




Mahdieh Shahtalab international student will talk about why she hated being in school everyday, and why she pretended to be sick just to avoid school.


René Goscinn writer and storyteller will talk about how he was a top student in every single class and enjoyed school.


Mr.Dubon the school administrator in Le petit Nicolas talks about why he thinks it’s necessary for kids to follow the rules!


Jean-Jacques Sempé illustrator and cartoonist will talk about why he was expelled from school and what happened to his life after on.