Since childhood I have grown up with Persian motives. Every single item in our home had at least a bit touch of Persian traditional patterns on it. I was always so fascinated by all those motives from carpets on the floor to enormous mosque celling.

After I began considering in field of art, we took in a ton about Iran’s art history.

when the Sasanian king Yazdegerd III was ruling over Iran, ,633 In the Muslims under Umar invaded the country right after it had been in a bloody civil war.
The Muslim conquest of Persia ended the Sasanian Empire and led to the eventual decline of the Zoroastrian religion in Persia. Over time, the majority of Iranians converted to Islam.

Thus, the change of religion had a big influence on art. Artists where totally forbid from drawing human figures, or other styles they used to before, so they started to invent new styles to be able to use them in buildings and books, which led to incredible results.

However after studying about art history in Iran I got urged to get some answers concerning how our old pattern processes used to resemble.
I have done a considerable measure of examines and studies and discovered some books about them.

I started to use some of those motives as a base in my work and develop it until I find my own pattern.